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Q: Whether the Colchicum-Dispert prescription is required for buying this medicine?
A: No, the Colchicum-Dispert prescription is not required. Nevertheless, we recommend you to consult the doctor before buying Colchicum-Dispert at our pharmacy.

Q: How can I trace my order of Colchicum-Dispert?
A: After sending the order Colchicum-Dispert, you will receive a letter confirming the shipment. The delivery of Colchicum-Dispert by air mail does not provide tracing from our side.

Q: Do you guarantee the delivery of Colchicum-Dispert?
A: Yes, we do. We guarantee the delivery of Colchicum-Dispert. If Colchicum-Dispert will not be delivered to you within 20 days, we will repeat the sending or we will return your money. It is our rule.

Q: What is the cost of shipping Colchicum-Dispert?
A: Shipping Colchicum-Dispert is FREE.

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